What Is The Single Biggest Obstacle That Prevents People From Achieving Success?

Posted on : November 30, -0001
Posted by : tulshisen

Tulshi Sen was recently asked this question by a journalist…. the most direct question anyone can ask a teacher, or even themselves: “What is the single biggest obstacle that prevents people from achieving success?” Tulshi Sen will be discusses this very question in depth in the this teleseminar. He will also discuss what is the biggest obstacle of our life in achieving all the Riches, Romance and Relationships that we want but do not feel we can ask for it or we can have? Why do I sometimes settle for the things I really do not want and compromise desires? What is it that is stopping me from reaching out for more than my mind can hold? What should I do about it? How is it that there are people who have so much success and I do not seem to get off the starting gate?

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