How We Can Have Giant Visions and Manifest Them

Posted on : November 30, -0001
Posted by : tulshisen

The greatest problem we have is our incapacity to set Visions bigger than ourselves. We cannot make a single move in our daily life without a Vision. Success Demands Big Visions. Most of our Visions today are to keep all our tomorrows like they were yesterday and maintain Status Quo. It is like living on leftovers for the rest of our lives. They are small survival based Visions. We know we can have whatever we want. We know that we have the power to get whatever we desire. Again the big question is, how can we Desire to be greater than we are now? How can we have Giant Visions and greater success? Tulshi Sen in this Teleseminar deals with the “How to think big and believe that we can have anything we want and manifest it.”

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