How to Master the Art of Visioning

Posted on : November 30, -0001
Posted by : tulshisen

If you don’t know how to vision what you want you cannot have it. You and I know that whatever we want in life we have to have a vision for it. It is absolutely clear that we have to have the capacity to vision what we want. To vision what we don’t have and want it badly. We can only vision what we can believe in. In this Tulshi Sen talks about, 1) Mastering the art of visioning. 2) Raising our belief level to want, to what we never dreamt before 3) Holding onto the vision for manifesting the vision the fastest way is true success In the last Teleseminar Tulshi Sen gave the example of when we turn on the switch in our home the light comes on. We don’t have to know the laws of electricity to turn the lights on. Similarly you have to have mastery of visioning and you can be successful. Visioning is the switch. Manifestation is the light.

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