How Can I Believe I Will Have Whatever I Vision?

Posted on : November 30, -0001
Posted by : tulshisen

How can we believe we will have what ever we vision? The greatest problem most people have when they are setting goals and visions is to believe they can have anything they could vision. All of the teachings of all the teachers of all ages tell us that whatever we vision and believe in we will have it. Now the question is how can I believe I’ll have it? All of the teachings get bottlenecked in that question. It doesn’t matter how many books you have read or seminars you have attented. All of the teachings get bottlenecked in that question. I can’t believe it. All efforts of success and all aspirations are stunted in our belief level. We have to find a way to believe, to raise our belief level. In this audiocast Tulshi Sen reveals how we can believe we will have whatever we vision.

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