An Odd Image Of Leadership

Posted on : November 30, -0001
Posted by : tulshisen
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When you watch a symbol you actually by pass your intellectual limitations and enter your being. It is the melody of truth carved in stone, it was made easily, sculptured in stone or fashioned in clay and one of them which we are going to discuss today, is the symbol of leadership, and this leadership was represented by a very incongruous looking figure. His name was Ganesh. His head was an elephant’s head with a crown on it, the crown of a king. He has four hands and he sat on a lotus and rode on a mouse, with a big tummy. Big tummy. With one foot in asana and the other foot on the ground. One foot on the seat above and one foot on the ground. He is the first son of the first guru, Shiva, lord Shiva. he is master of all circumstances and he is fully in control of himself. Isn’t that the very definition of a leader! Very definition of a leader. Leadership is the first step towards self realization. That’s why every ritual of the vedic philosophy has to begin with the invocation of Ganesh.

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